Creating and manufacturing lighting products promoting wellbeing with quality and design respecting the environment and society.


Being recognized, nationally and internationally, as a competitive group becoming reference in lighting and design, being able to joint results from services and products with efficiency, contributing with the growth of the lighting market worldwide.


To the employees:
·Respecting and valuing all people and their differences.
·Promoting progress of employees with knowledge, teamwork and efficiency, believing in the development for professional growth.
·Providing training to raise awareness and improvement of quality of life, health and education.

To the Clients
·Promoting the feeling of wellbeing to the clients through our products, searching satisfactory results in our relationships.
·Assisting our clients with professional ethics and transparency offering quality and solutions of innovation and design in our products and services.
·Seeking excellence to fulfil the needs of every type of client.

To the Suppliers:
·Creating a structure of trust and respect to improve the relationship with our suppliers based on ethics and honesty.

To the Society and Environment:
·Encouraging the social responsibility and environment protection.
·Making an effort to reach the balance between technology and natural resources.

Our History


Coming of our founder, Mr. Fernando Mota Assis, from Portugal to Brazil. He started a company with cutting glass and crystals; almost simultaneously, he started the manufacturing of brass chandeliers to put the same crystals that were cut.


Opening of the headquarter and beginning of manufacture with aluminium.


Expansion of 350m2 of industrial structure.


Structure expansion. New site in Jarinú.


Management restructuring, improving processes, products, infrastructure and services.